GLSBC Launch Weekend


    The GLSBC launch is normally scheduled for the first weekend of May.  The winter weather usually breaks about two weeks prior to launch so everyone is scrambling those two weeks to get everything ship shape.

    Please bundle your shrink-wrap for recycling, both your nylon strapping and any plastic doors must be removed.   Use a strip of shrink-wrap to securely tie your bundle. Place your bundled shrink-wrap outside the gate behind the dumpster.

    Each member's well and dock posts must be inspected.  Posts must be replaced if necessary.  Posts and docks must be painted before launch.  The club furnishes the posts and paint.  Posts and the red paint locker can be found near maintenance building #1. 

    All members are required to work both Saturday and Sunday on the launch weekend.  The fleet is usually all in Saturday but club grounds, docks and buildings must be made ready for the summer season.  Members should refrain from working on their boats until all club work is complete. 


    On both the launch and haul out weekends the members are assigned to a 'work crew'.  Each crew will have a leader who works from the master plan.  See the 'Ship's Crew' link for details.

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