GLSBC Haul-Out Weekend


    The GLSBC haul out is normally scheduled for the first weekend of October.  The boats are usually safe from freezing while still in the water.  When they are out on the jack stands, there is a real danger things could freeze.

A number of years ago the weather went to the lower 20's the week following haul-out.  Three engine blocks cracked that year.  It is very important that your boat be winterized within a few days.

    All members are required to work both Saturday and Sunday on the haul out weekend.  Most of the fleet should be out Saturday with 2-3 hours to do Sunday.  The club equipment must be stowed and the building winterized for the coming seasons.  Members should refrain from working on their boats until all club work is complete. 


    On both the launch and haul out weekends the members are assigned to a 'work crew'.  Each crew will have a leader who works from the master plan.  See the 'Ship's Crew' link for details.

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